to me photography is a great way to express feelings, visions and creativity. I HAVE A STRONG AND POSITIVE MIND, a huge love for oceans and a high interest in people, individual stories and imperfections. TODAY I SEE MYSELF AS A DIGITAL NOMAD and adventurer.

I choose light over dark and sparkle over dust.



I’m a german photographer currently based in Germany and Spain. After studying Photography and Art History at The Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia, I have completed a 3 years apprenticeship as a fashion photographer in Germany. Working freelance for a brief period and having my first exhibition in Prague, I then was employed as studio assistant of Juergen Teller in London, where I’ve moved to in may 2010. In April 2011 I have continued working freelance in the fields of Fashion and Beauty. Having travelled the world and lived in Mexico for a while, I added Surf and Sport photography to my portfolio and passions.


19:13h Werbeagentur _ Ad Cetera Werbeagentur _ Adidas _ Albrecht Ollendiek _ Augustin Teboul _ Big is Beautiful _ C&A _ Cake Magazine _ Cointreau _ Dark Beauty Magazine _ Dolly Dare London _ Esprit _ Elle Online _ FaceOn Magazine _ Gingar _ Glamour Magazin _ Grüne Erde _ Havas worldwide _ Laufsteg _ Marc O’Polo _ Maxi Magazin _ Metro _ Milk Management London _ Minx Mode_ n-tv _ Sallie Sahne by Minx _ Plasticmedia _ Prinovis _ Puma _ Real _ RTV _ Silk Relations Berlin _ Team Challenge GmbH _ Walz _ Walz Kids